Unschooling Is Not Always Easy, But It’s Always Worth It to Us (Chicago Unheard) -

In the expanded version of my blog post “Unschooling Is Not Always Easy, But It’s Always Worth It to Us,” I delve deeper into the enriching experience of homeschooling, especially during the pandemic.

  1. Embracing Change: I discuss how the pandemic serves as a catalyst for reimagining education, urging parents to seize this chance to innovate and rethink traditional schooling methods.
  2. Beyond Traditional Learning: I emphasize the importance of breaking away from conventional school structures, encouraging parents to explore more holistic and personalized learning experiences for their children.
  3. Value of Unschooling: Reflecting on our journey, I share how unschooling has significantly impacted our family, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for child-led learning.
  4. Life-Integrated Learning: I highlight how unschooling allows for a seamless integration of learning into everyday life, making education a natural, enjoyable part of our daily routine.
  5. Long-Term Benefits: I discuss the lasting positive effects we’ve experienced through homeschooling, from improved family dynamics to enhanced learning outcomes.

I can not stress the joy and fulfillment I find in writing and sharing our experiences. My goal is to provide value and insights to families embarking on their homeschool journey, hoping to inspire and guide them through this transformative process.

We have loved homeschooling our children since 2018 and do not see an end in sight.

For a more detailed exploration of these themes, you can read the full article here.

By Tiana

Tiana Kubik has a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education from the Erikson Institute, in Chicago. After teaching Pre-K-Kindergarten for almost ten years, Tiana moved on to run a Chicago-based photography company with her husband, with kids in tow for the last eleven years. Since 2021, Tiana has also began freelancing as Content Creator for Small Business.